TEA-LP Project

TEA-LP Project

The TEA-LP project is funded by the UK Aid under the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom (DfID), aims to advance the development and deployment of clean energy technologies and solutions, business models, partnerships and skills that will accelerate access to affordable, clean and safe electricity supply for households and enterprises. Growing the clean energy access sector in Africa will require people with the skills and competencies to develop innovative solutions and sustainable business models that will allow electricity, from new, clean and decentralised (including off-grid) technologies, to be supplied to consumers at affordable rates. The key challenge countries are facing in providing the necessary skills and expertise is a mismatch between graduates being produced by higher-education institutions, and the skills and multi-disciplinary competencies needed in the workplace. 

The TEA-LP is hosted by the African Climate and Development Institute at the University of Cape Town. The ACDI is UCT’s collective response to the challenge of climate change in the context of sustainable development in Africa. It is an inter- and transdisciplinary research and training institute co-generating new evidence and innovations to solve Africa’s climate and development challenges. For more details on African Climate and Development Institute at the University of Cape Town visit http://www.acdi.uct.ac.za/

 Project Partners

 tea lp partners

Project Launching

The TEA-LP project was launched during a workshop held in August 2019 in Nairobi. This workshop aimed to develop a shared understanding of the TEA-LP principles and goals, share knowledge and expertise, as well as to network and develop relationships. Present at the workshop were several organizations working in the sector who offered their insights and reflections on skills needs. They included MECS, AMI and Energy4Impact.

More details visit https://tea-lp.org/2020/06/29/nairobi-workshop-august-2019/


TEA-LP Project website

For more details about TEA-LP visit https://tea-lp.org/


The new MSc programme through TEA-LP

Moi University through the Centre of Excellence in Phytochemicals, Textile and Renewable Energy won a TEA-LP grant to support the development of a multi-disciplinary Masters curriculum in Sustainable Energy & Energy Access to bridge the skills gap in Africa’s rapidly-growing energy access sector towards achieving SDG7. The project is coordinated by University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa.

Currently less than 60% of the total population in Kenya has access to electricity, and this rate is lower than 30% for people living in rural areas. Grid access, particularly in rural areas, is very limited, and grid supply is often unsecure and unstable. Providing a secure supply of electricity to people in Sub-Saharan Africa is essential for enabling socio-economic growth and development of the region, as well as improving standards of living, health and wellbeing, and gender equality.

Click here to visit the Website: https://energy.mu.ac.ke/

Stakeholder Engagement

The goal of the stakeholder engagement exercise was to enable development of a market oriented programme by identifying and establishing the specific skills, competencies and workplace needs of key sectoral stakeholders who would likely absorb graduates from the new degree programme. The outputs of this exercise constituted crucial inputs in the development of the new curriculum. The participants were drawn from general employers in energy sector, academic institutions, industry associations, community energy groups and NGOs.

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