Master of Science in Structural Engineering

Master of Science in Structural Engineering


The programme is intended to deliver specialised engineers in Structural Engineering who will strengthen the design and research capacity in the universities, industry and other institutions by providing advanced theoretical and practical training for design and research in these specialised branches of Civil and Structural Engineering. Stimulate applied and theoretical research into regional problems in Structural Engineering.

Common Core Courses in the M.sc. Programmes

course code   Course Title Unit
CVS 811 Computing Techniques 1
CVS 813 Research Techniques and Principles of Experimental Design 2
CVS 815 Physical Planning Techniques 3
CVS 817 Numerical Analysis of Boundary Value Problems 3
CVS 899 Thesis 24

Structural Engineering Programme required Courses

course code Course Title Unit
CVS 821 Behaviour of Materials 4
CVS 822 Case Study 2
CVS 824 Stability of Structures 3
CVS 826 Advanced Structural dynamics 3


course code Course Title Unit
CVS 819E Quality Control and Assurance 2
CVS 83 IE Theory of Structures 4
CVS 832E Advanced Structural Steel Design  3
CVS 833E Advanced Structural Concrete Design and Construction 3
.CVS 836E Maintenance and Repair of Structures 
.CVS 837E Functional and Structural Redesign of Structures 2
CVS 841E Finite Element Methods in Structural Analyslis  * 
CVS 842E
Theory of Shells *   

*Finite Element Methods in Structural Analysis is prerequisite to Theory of Shells

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