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Eng. Prof. Augustine Makokha
(P.Eng., MIEK)

Head of Department

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The department of Energy Engineering is the youngest of the six departments in the School of Engineering, having been established in 2017.

The department was created out of a strong need for a centre to coordinate all the on-going energy engineering graduate programs in the School of Engineering, in order to enhance efficiency and competence in service delivery. The department is further expected to develop new graduate programs for specialized training and advanced research in energy engineering to address the needs gap in new and emerging energy technologies, energy optimization and management, energy economics, energy policy and law, energy materials, energy mining, energy exploration, energy safety and health as well as environmental aspects of energy.

The department has a strong commitment to research and academic scholarship and encourages academic staff and graduate students to collaborate with industry partners in the field of energy to develop unique solutions to energy problems facing Kenya and the world in general. This has resulted in a synergistically stronger industry based research partnership.


To become a leader in research, productivity, innovations and income generation through provision of world class teaching, research and consultancy services in energy engineering.


To promote teaching, research and consultancy activities in energy engineering and create collaborations with partners in the energy sector.


  • To train post-graduate research students for careers in energy engineering
  • To foster collaborative research in energy engineering and technology
  • To facilitate the development of key research thematic areas in energy engineering
  • To provide knowledge-based solutions to societal challenges in the energy field.


The staff in the department comprise Professors, lecturers and technicians with expertise in energy engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering as well as Agricultural Engineering.


The common facilities, equipment and laboratories available in the School of Engineering and other Schools like Biological & Physical Sciences, Agriculture and Business are utilized in teaching are research Also laboratories at collaborating research institutions like KIRDI and KEBS are utilized where necessary.


The department of Energy Engineering has collaborations in the field of energy with the following institutions:

  • Vaal University of Technology,
  • Kenya Nuclear Energy Board (KNEB),

Negotiations are ongoing for collaboration with Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and the Ministry of Energy & Petroleum on training and capacity building.


The department of Energy Engineering offers full-time MSc and PhD in Energy studies with a choice in several concentrations. Also it plans to offer short courses for capacity building and continuous professional development (CPD).

The ongoing degree programmes are:

  1. MSc (Energy studies)
    • Renewable energy,
    • Energy Management & Economics,
    • Energy & Environment  
  2. PhD (Energy studies)    
  3. MSc (Energy Engineering)
    • Renewable Energy 
    • Energy Systems
  4. PhD (Energy Engineering)


The department offers the following short courses (duration of 2 weeks to 1 month) in collaboration with industry, to interested professionals in the energy sector for continuous professional development (CPD) and to the community as part of Moi University’s extension services.

  1. Solar photovoltaics
  2. Wind energy technologies
  3. Grid integration and Smart Grids
  4. Energy auditing
  5. Energy management for efficiency
  6. Bio-energy technologies


Head of Department

  • Prof. (Eng) Augustine Makokha (P.Eng., MIEK)


  • Mary Cheptoo

Office Assistant/Messenger

  • Caroline Cherono

Academic Staff

  • Prof. Henry K. Kiriamiti
  • Prof. Samuel K. Rotich
  • Prof. Anil Kumar
  • Prof. Zachary O. Siagi
  • Prof. Cornelius W. M. Sitters
  • Dr. Lawrence K. Letting
  • Dr. Moses Arowo
  • Dr. Charles K. Nzila


PHD Projects

Student's Name

Project Title

Amumbwe Florence

Optimization of Ionic Liquid Pretreatment in Bioethanol Production from selected Ligno-cellulosic Biomass

Wiseman Tumbo Ngige

Optimization And Kinetic Studies Of Acid Hydrolysis Of Selected Lignocellulosic Biomass For Bioethanol Production

Harrison Kipchirchir Tarus

Biogas Production from Prickly Pear Cactus Plant with Multiple Technologies 

Joseph Muyundo Wanyonyi

Evaluation And Beneficiation Of Local Clay To Be Used As Hpht Geothermal Drilling Mud 

Kerich Kiplangat Daniel

Optimization of Bio-Char Production for Energy Utilization from Selected Biomass Wastes

Emmanuel A. Ebinga Osore

Design Optimization of Low-Head, Micro Hydro Turbine using CFD

Kipkemoi Kibias

Modelling Grid Integration with Non-Programmable Renewables: Case Study of Kenya 

Moses Otieno Apunda

Catalytic Hydrothermal Reforming Of Pyrolysis Oil from different Biomass Feed Stocks For Green Transport Fuel

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